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Speak Up

Quotes I just wanted to that as an analytical type, with lots of Toastmasters style public speaking formulas - I was well out of my comfort zone. I discovered there is so much more growth in being uncomfortable, it really moved something for me. Quotes
Roy Shenton
Software Developer

Quotes Nathalie's approach to this work is like a refreshing spring breeze in a stale world that so deeply calls for heart centred communication. Quotes
Annica Makoto
Shiatsu Practitioner

Quotes I had been getting classic public speaking training and still found that I was 'performing'. I wanted the real me to connect with my audiences. Since 'untaming my voice' I can connect with people every time I speak (by connecting with ME first). Thanks Nathalie! Quotes
Owner, Parent Central

Quotes I've attended three of these courses so far & they are amazing. Nathalie's workshops are tender, fun & healing. Some of us, like me, have had quite a difficult time in knowing how to be okay with myself when I'm feeling nervous, anxious or downright terrified in front of groups of people - through this work we can learn how to shine even when we have previously hidden ourselves away. Quotes
Kamalesh Raeannon

Quotes Since doing this course I feel I can slow down a lot more and just tap into what needs to be said. Quotes
Paul Carey
Course participant, Public Speaking from the Heart

Quotes The work with Nathalie transcends ideas of performance and is more about who we are as human beings and how we can best share what we have to offer to one another. Quotes
Craig Poulton
Counsellor - Growing Awareness Counselling

Quotes Nathalie has helped me to reconnect with the joy of public speaking, without agendas or pre-determined outcomes. I enjoyed being around a relaxed group of people who are willing to experiment with with speaking from the heart. Quotes
Serena OMeley
Union Official

Quotes We were encouraged, supported and accepted for our honesty. I now feel like a better speaker because I am more confident to be who I am. Nathalie was empowering & genuine. Quotes
Lisa. F
Course Participant

Quotes After one session with Nathalie Brewer, our staff saw the importance of aligning our values to achieve a bigger outcome. They didn't stop talking about the exercises we did for days afterward. Especially the exercise where we had to draw a picture of the way we impact others Quotes
Toni Stiles
Medowbank Primary School

Quotes Nathalie presented an empowering approach to workplace presentation, satisfaction and self-worth on the job. Along with taking a good hard look at yourself and how we impact others in our work environment Quotes
Ben Robinson
Westpac Finance Melbourne

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