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Ceremonies and Ritual Design

A ceremony doesn't just mark an occasion, it marks a transformation from one part of your life to the next.

I help couples create ritual which embodies a feeling of completion and renewal on a mind, body and spirit level. I also know how to generate a fun and meaningful tone in your ceremony due to my very natural speaking style.

I work with you to make absolutely sure your ceremony appeals to your unique sense of life. And by this, I don’t mean just adding a few words in here and there to reflect your beliefs, I mean getting creative and personal with ritual design. Examples below.

Example Ceremony design #1

Antonia and Fernando are from two different corners of the world (Australia and Mexico). They always believed their love was like the sun and the moon reflecting one another from different sides of the earth.

For their ceremony we created an earth mandala (a geometric design drawn on the ground made out of river stones and petals) in the shape of the sun and moon. Together we stood within the mandala with their four favourite friends standing at each of the four directions; North, South, East and West. Their sacred ceremony was carried out within a powerful symbol of their love for each other.

Example Ceremony design #2

Misha and Maurice share a love for buddhist meditation and nature. They wanted their community to be included in the ceremony. We designed a Tibetan bowl blessing. Each guest was handed a little flower and askedto think of a wish or a blessing for the couple.

 After a short silence everyone placed their flower inside a large Tibetan singing bowl. This brass bowl was placed on an table underneath their hands as they exchanged rings. Then it was struck three times which caused the bowl to resonate with the flowers and thus release the blessings of their friends and family. Everyone came away from the ceremony having  felt like they were a special part of the sanctifying of their marriage.

Location... location... location

I have enjoyed conducting Ceremonies in all sorts of special and magical places and can offer advice and ideas about venues.

In Australia there is no need to hold a marriage ceremony in a licensed venue and so there are no time or place constraints; night time ceremonies , by candle light, the place where you both love to be together, that magical place in the countryside. At the breaking of dawn or in the middle of the day. In the woods, on the beach, in your garden, in a very posh hotel or the village hall, in your own environment perhaps with a beautiful tent in your garden. The choice can be as creative as unique as your love for each other.