Untame Your Voice


public speaking coaching, sales training & life events  with Nathalie Brewer  


Most people spend a life time marvelling at how others seem to be able to shine in front of an audience & tell themselves "I could never do that!"

Well here is your chance to learn to harness your comfort, laugh at your self, show-off your humanity and share true humour, warmth and self acceptance with a group of people.

What is it about?
This popular 1 day foundation course is for those who are new to public speaking or want to learn a body-centered approach to presenting.

You will be guided through practices, activities and exercises in a small group setting which will powerfully help you increase your presence and expand your capacity to deliver a message. Emerge from this one day course with an invigorated approach to public speaking and a new found confidence that comes from your core.

This workshop will give you:
  - the ability to streamline your personality effortlessly into your speech
  - pathways out of getting stuck or drawing a blank
  - body practices to help you speak more energetically than ever before
  - the tools of how to create influence with natural flair and expand your business
  - an unhindered & joyful new relationship with speaking & vocal performing

         "The style and approach of this course was out of the box - it went to the heart
         of the matter
"   Dassana M - Uke for Kids

Who is it for?

Ideal for anyone who desire to connect more effortlessly with themselves and reach audiences through authentic relating.

Your Facilitator
With a unique background as a Life Coach, Psychologist, Speaker, MC, SLAM poet, Marriage Celebrant & Theatre Performer Nathalie is well situated to apply a rare blend of creative, psychological and professional modalities to help you take the super highway from the origins of your true self, all the way to the stage. 

This one day program is next held during May, 2020 in Fairfield, VIC
Cost: $220 (includes morning tea and training manual)



Does your job depend on your ability to pitch new ideas,  train at meetings or form instant rapport with clients? 

 Untame Your Pitch will BLAST the cobwebs out of your old, tired and scripted patterns  of communication. You will emerge from this session with a massive dose of MOJO to refresh your entire relationship with pitching, sales & presenting.

What’s it about?

Untame Your Pitch is a transformative approach to public speaking in the workplace. Nathalie's approach transcends the simple delivery of mere tools and techniques. By the end of this session you will have greater access than ever before to your most natural & comfortable self whilst speaking & pitching to groups.
This seminar will help you:
   - find your edge every time you speak
   - powerfully raise the level of connection your clients experience with your brand
   - gain natural flair in your ability warm up a room
   - pitch your ideas with a new & genuine regard for your client base

This seminar is packed full of fun, safe and challenging practices which will give you the actual experience of being a comfortable & dynamic speaker.

Thismorning our company pitched for one of the biggest contracts we have ever gone for. I practiced the 'untame exercises' twice before hand and went in feeling great. There is a potential that the pitch went so well that we might have increased the job size by 4 times! We’re wrapped!"      Andrew MacKinnon - Taboo Group

Who is it for?
Everyone, of all levels of confidence and ability who desire to take their experience of pitching in the workplace to a new level.

Onsite in your work environment. Nathalie will tailor the content to suit your budget & your business mission.

Download your 3 page PDF of UntameYourPitch info here

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