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Marriage Celebrant

"True ceremony feels like a solidification of common understanding and a merging together of souls" - Nathalie Brewer

Nathalie Brewer, Founder of Yellow Lantern and Untame Your Voice is a gifted speaker and experienced marriage celebrant who works with people to access deep levels of core sentiment and common meaning. Nathalie specialises in creating ceremony which will transform your standard exchange of marriage vows into a group celebration of heart-felt ritual.

Nathalie's approach to marriage...

Ceremony should be an elegant combination of grace, authenticity and meaning. A great celebrant does not merly speak the words, but transends the space and bring to life the connection between the bride and groom. Nathalie has a way with connecting to groups which inspires reflection, thought and heart-felt celebration.

       "From our first meeting with Nathalie, we knew we had found the right celebrant. She made everyone at the wedding feel important and valued. She created and delivered a ceremony which was more meaningful than we could have possibly imagined."
                                                                                                         Katie & Ben Marshall

Nathalie has officiated over 50 weddings around Australia in all types of venues. Some wedding themes & rituals Nathalie has conducted involve:

Buddhist singing bowl ritual
Candle unity
4 Elemental Directions
Stone circle ritual
Mandala creation
Pagan Nudist Wedding
Unity sand ritual
Group spiral blessing
Hand fasting (Celtic inspired)
Crowning rituals (Greek inspired)
Fire circling (Hindu inspired)
Ring anointing

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