Untame Your Voice


public speaking coaching, sales training & life events  with Nathalie Brewer  

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This weekend retreat will powerfully immerse you in a practice that will take you years ahead of your game. This retreat wont just teach you how to be a more relaxed, assertive and authentic presenter, it will show you how to live and speak your best self.

Public Speaking is not just a skill, it is the ability to form a connected pathway between your true self and an audience. It is a pathway that many people have struggled with for years. Some take the journey reluctantly but never fully hit their stride, never quite 'arriving' in a place of full comfort and enjoyment of being in the spotlight.

Untame Your Voice is a unique public speaking retreat that looks at the layers between 'who you are' and 'what you want to say'. In other words, your true self & your tamed self.

Nathalie Brewer (BA Hons. Psychology and Founder of Yellow Lantern) has developed a profoundly new approach to speaking whilst connecting with yourself, your message and your audience with simplicity, clarity and natural strength.

Untame Your Voice uses S.E.L techniques (Social Emotional Learning), body work and speaking exercises to break through your patterns of avoidance and into the places where you have been playing small. You will playfully gain access to parts of you that have been squashed and tamed over the course of a life time.

This retreat is ideal for people who want to:

  • break through patterns of old and stale stage presence
  • grow your business with flair, authenticity and personality
  • take more risks in the way you communicate with the world
  • connect with yourself effortlessly whilst expressing to a group
  • break COMPLETELY free from public speaking anxiety
  • feel ALIVE, CONNECTED & REAL every time you speak

"Wow! What a retreat! Never again will I speak to a group without deliberately bringing to mind the things you taught us. For the first time in my life I'm really looking forward to my next talk. The shifts I experienced occurred at a deep level and it feels effortless to keep that feeling alive"      Matt Pennell - Retreat Participant

Nestled in the fabulous inner Melbourne suburb of Fairfield, this retreat home will offer 2 days of relaxation, focused attention & walks in the nearby Darabin Parklands. You will be part of a small group of 6 people who will be there for the same reasons you are.  Each day starts with a specially tailored 30min Yoga class. We will meet as a group for 3 master sessions per day. In between there will be time to write, walk, relax and reflect. 


- 2 x full day workshops
- Program workbook
- Follow up 30min coaching session with Nathalie
- Nutritious morning & afternoon teas
- $580 incl GST


2 OPTIONS in Victoria in 2019 

Saturday 25th - Sunday 26th May 2019
(10am - 9pm Saturday & 10am - 4:00pm Sunday)

Saturday 13th July - Sunday 14th July 2019 
(10am - 9pm Saturday & 10am - 4:00pm Sunday)

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